Summer Dog Safety: 8 Tips for a Wagging Tail

Hydration is Key 

Ensure your furry friend has constant access to fresh water. Dogs can't sweat like us, so keeping them hydrated is crucial during the summer heat. 

Paw Patrol 

Hot pavement can burn those cute paws! Opt for early morning or late evening walks to avoid scorching surfaces, and consider doggy booties for added protection. 

Cool Retreats Cool Retreats 

Set up shaded spots in your yard where your pup can escape the sun's intensity. Dogs love a cool, cozy spot to relax. 

Limit Intense Exercise 

While exercise is essential, tone it down during peak heat hours. Consider indoor activities or splash around in a doggy pool for a safer playtime. 

Groom for Comfort 

A well-groomed coat helps regulate your dog's body temperature. Brushing out excess fur not only keeps them cooler but also reduces shedding. 

Summer Treats 

Ice cubes with a hint of dog-friendly flavor or frozen treats can be a tasty way to keep your pup refreshed. 

Vet Checkup 

Schedule a summer checkup with your vet. Discuss preventive measures like tick and flea control suitable for the warmer months. 

Car Safety 

Never leave your dog in a parked car, even for a few minutes. Temperatures inside can skyrocket, leading to heatstroke. 

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