Beware! Man's Best Friend Can Pose Risks Too 

Unpredictable Aggression 

While most dogs are friendly, any breed can display sudden aggression, leading to potential harm. 

Territorial Behavior 

Dogs may become protective of their space, posing a threat to strangers who unknowingly enter their territory. 

Fear-Based Reactions 

Dogs might react aggressively when frightened, making it crucial to approach unfamiliar dogs with caution. 

Pack Mentality 

In groups, dogs may exhibit pack behavior, increasing the likelihood of aggressive actions towards humans. 

Protective Instincts 

Dogs, driven by their protective instincts, may attack if they perceive a threat to their owner or territory. 

Misinterpreted Body Language 

Humans and dogs communicate differently; misunderstandings can lead to defensive reactions from the canine side. 

Health Issues 

Physical pain or illness can trigger aggressive behavior, emphasizing the importance of regular veterinary care. 

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